All-On-Four in Naperville, IL

Are missing teeth making you miss out on life?

All-on-Four treats significant tooth loss with permanent replacement teeth!

For many people suffering from extensive tooth loss, undergoing restorative treatment can seem daunting, and even insurmountable. All-on-Four treatment is a unique and effective solution; it provides you with an attractive, fully functional set of fixed teeth in just one day.

The science behind All-on-Four is both simple and innovative. A minimum of 4 strategically placed dental implants are used to permanently anchor a full complement of teeth. The dental implants stabilize the jaw, preventing future bone loss and subsequently filling in any formerly “sunken-in” areas of the face. This treatment restores the patient’s attractive, confident smile.

We place only Nobel Biocare dental implants and components: the world’s leader in implant manufacturing and technology. The “All-on-4” procedure was actually developed and introduced by Nobel Biocare. We only use the best materials and methods available, which is critical to providing you with a lifetime free from future dental breakdowns and repairs.

In our office, our primary goal is simply to give you exactly what you want. Comfort, expediency, confidence, aesthetics, and elimination of future breakdowns and related costs, are all common areas of concern for our patients entering into this procedure.  We’re here to satisfy these needs. We just have to know what your concerns are; we get to know your concerns through our new patient exam and consultation. Call us today for a complimentary visit, and Dr. Crombie will be happy to sit down with you and address any question or concerns that you may have. No sales pitch, no follow-up calls, just solid information to help you make a decision on what’s right for you.

Without question the single most common remark we get from our patients after completion is, “I should have done this years ago” and “why did I wait so long.” We understand it’s a big step, but also consider the lifetime worth of rewards.

Patient Success Stories

Why do so many people come to Naperville dentist Dr. Crombie for All-on-Four treatment?

Rapid Results

All-on-Four treatment is the fastest way to repair your smile with high-quality, permanent replacement teeth. Our team secures dentures with immediate loading dental implants; we are able to complete full mouth reconstruction in just 1 day.

Comprehensive Care

With All-on-Four our dental team is not just improving the aesthetics of your smile; All-on-Four will also allow you to chew and speak naturally, and our team considers the overall health and structure of your smile when designing your prosthesis. Comprehensive restorative treatment, like All-on-Four, delivers aesthetically pleasing results, is minimally invasive, and prevents further dental deterioration.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Using CAD/CAM, our team will pre-plan your All-on-Four treatment before you even get into the dentist's chair; we can pinpoint precisely where in your jaw to place implant roots, and CAD/CAM surgical guides streamline implant insertion to preclude more extensive surgery. Our in-house dental lab further allows us to customize your aesthetic results.

All-On-Four Before & Afters

What Our Patients Are Saying

I've been going to Dr. Crombie for about a decade. Will never switch. Perfect every time. Perfect staff, great recommendations on dental care. I feel like I'm being taken care of. How they make going to the dentist an adventure and a pleasure, I'll never figure out, but six months rolls around super fast with Joyce and Dr. Crombie.

— Will V.

Dr. Crombie always made time to answer my questions and his staff is responsive and pleasant. Dr. Crombie is extremely skilled, exacting and caring at the same time. Since completing my dental work in 2013, I have had no dental problems or pain. I am very pleased with both the look and health of my teeth!

— Joanne M.

Got in when I wanted to, very courteous and friendly staff, text reminders, ceiling tv to watch during the cleaning, value service! Customer for 15 years, I think!

— Nadine R.

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