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Struggling with chronic dental issues?

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Dr. Crombie finds solutions for complex dental problems!

Our dental team is committed to finding solutions to challenging and complex dental problems. In our many years in practice, we have treated numerous patients with complicated, multi-faceted dental issues; most of these cases came to us, referred from area specialists, because other practices were unable to tackle them.

So, what does it mean to have a "complex dental case?" Complex dental cases generally include a number of oral health issues: poor aesthetics, structural imbalances, chronic cavities and gum disease, recurrent dental damage. Many people with complex dental issues have come to believe that they "just have bad teeth." We're here to tell you there is no such thing!

If you have struggled to maintain a healthy smile, you're not doomed to stay stuck in this cycle; in all likelihood, you simply haven't received the type of care that you need.

Achieving a healthy and stable smile requires treating the underlying causes of dental problems, not just the noticeable symptoms. If you're dealing with cracked enamel (the noticeable symptom), for example, we obviously want to restore your tooth. However, we also need to determine why your enamel is cracking, and proactively correct the underlying problem. In this hypothetical, the underlying cause of enamel damage may be bruxism (chronic dental grinding), so our team may need to improve your dental alignment or bite surfaces.

You don't have bad teeth; you've just been subjected to incomplete treatment and poor planning.

Treatment plans for complex cases are customized to suit the individual's smile. Here are some dental issues that are commonly addressed during treatment:

  • Previously completed poor quality dental restorations/work
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Bruxism (chronic dental grinding and clenching)
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Missing teeth
  • Uneven molar bite surfaces
  • Crossbite, underbite, overbite
  • Oral health effects of existing whole-body health issues or medication use

Remember: comprehensive dentistry is, at its core, preventative dentistry. We're here to help you get out ahead of dental issues, so that you can stop playing catch up.

Patient Success Stories

Why people come to Naperville dentist Dr. Crombie to treat complex dental cases:


Our treatment protocol is highly organized and performed meticulously by Dr. Crombie and our skillful staff. We don't take any shortcuts in our office. We begin with an in-depth initial meeting and oral health evaluation. Only after gathering the necessary data will we present you with treatment options, and help you build a dental plan. This thoroughness may seem extensive, but it is crucial for the success of treatment.

Tools and Technology

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art dental instruments to help patients with complex dental needs. For example, we have our own lab, so we can create dental restorations to your exact specifications, and guarantee precision and quality. We also work with a core group of specialists, who provide supplemental care if necessary.

Building A Strong Foundation

Our practice is specifically designed to help dental patients achieve oral health, and then maintain it for years to come. Think of us as your partners in dental care. By treating the root causes of dental issues, as well as the current problems, we help dental patients get ahead of the curve. Our dental team sees many patients who, in the past, had extensive treatment, but now only require routine cleanings; their teeth are simply no longer breaking down.

Complex Dental Cases Before & Afters

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Crombie and his staff provide a warm and inviting atmosphere in what for many is a very scary and uncomfortable place to be...a dentist's office. Michelle greets you with a beautiful smile and immediately makes you feel at ease. Dr. Crombie is caring and extremely thorough and meticulous. At no time did I experience any pain or discomfort during my bridge work appointment. His dental assistant, Sophie, did an excellent job of explaining what was going to happen and reassuring me that things were moving along as they should be. I am very happy to have found them:)

— Desiree C.

Doctor Crombie and his staff are very caring, genuine, and knowledgeable in their practice. Doctor Crombie is a very compassionate individual and puts his clients needs and desires above his practice; he gives you his professional recommendations for treatment, and lets you decide what you want to have done. My wife and I respect his caring spirit and that of his staff.

— Richard W.

My family has been going to Doc Crombie's for years, as well as other family members. Clean environment, professional know-how and friendly overall team. Best quality in this area!

— M. Tony R.

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