Cosmetic Dentistry in Naperville, IL

Ready to achieve a stunning smile?

Dr. Crombie transforms teeth with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry!

There are many options out there for improving the appearance of your smile. But, the last thing you want to do is to compromise your oral health in order to achieve a temporary visual result.

Our dental team believes that a beautiful smile must also have longevity. That is why we provide comprehensive cosmetic care that enhances not only the aesthetics, but also the structure and integrity of your smile.

What do we mean by "comprehensive dentistry?"

Comprehensive dentistry refers to dental care that diagnoses and treats the entire mouth (masticatory system). Comprehensive care is designed to:

  • Correct pressing oral health issues (pain, cavities, gum disease, and fractured teeth)


  • Address the underlying problems that lead to oral health issues in the first place. Some of the most commonly-identified foundational problems are bruxism (tooth grinding), poorly executed/aging restorations, and misaligned teeth. Longevity and maintenance of health can only be accomplished by treating the entire system.

Because we offer comprehensive cosmetic dental care, everything that we do is designed to make your teeth more attractive, while improving the health and stability of your smile. High-quality dentistry delivers aesthetically pleasing results, is as minimally invasive as possible, and prevents further dental deterioration.

Comprehensive cosmetic care is, by nature, highly customized to suit the individual patient. Here are some of the treatments we utilize to improve the appearance of patients’ smiles:

  • Opalescence Dental Whitening Treatment 
  • Dental Bonding
  • Laser Gum Tissue Reshaping
  • Custom-Shaded Crowns
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Cosmetic Makeovers
  • Complex Restorative Care

Patient Success Stories

Why do so many people choose Naperville dentist Dr. Crombie for cosmetic dentistry?

In-House Dental Lab

We create the majority of our own crowns and veneers in our in-house laboratory: a luxury, and an advantage, that only about 2% of dental practices enjoy. Dr. Crombie works closely with our skilled ceramist, Urszala Londrie, to ensure that every aesthetic restoration is perfect and customized for the patient. Our team is able to color-match unique enamel shades, as well as refine the shape and fit of the restoration, ensuring that you, as the patient, get exactly what you want.

Pre-Approve Your Smile

With meticulous attention to detail our dental team provides treatment that is catered to suit the individual patient. We use incremental refining to deliver exactly what the patient desires during cosmetic treatment. Before we begin, you can even evaluate a model or digital mock-up of what your post-treatment smile will look like, and make modifications if necessary.

The Doctors’ Doctor

Many dentists, dental specialists, physicians, dental lab technicians, and hygienists in the Naperville area come to Dr. Crombie for dental care. He is known for his meticulousness and commitment to high-quality care. We even have people who routinely come in from out of state to see our team.

Communication & Consistency

Our office is thoughtfully designed to be patient-friendly and personal. We know that maintaining a small office, with a core team, is the best way to provide high-quality care to our patients. Dr. Crombie will be leading every aspect of your treatment process, from explaining various treatment options, to post-treatment follow-up. We prioritize open communication and continuity of care.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before & Afters

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Crombie is absolutely a perfectionist! I had years of trouble with my veneers before he fixed me up with beautiful crowns; since then, zero issues! My wife had migraines and Dr. Crombie diagnosed her as grinding her teeth while she slept, so a simple mouth-guard at night helped fix these issues. The staff there is professional, the hygienist Joyce is fantastic, and the fees are fair priced for the high-quality service and products you receive. I highly recommend Dr. Crombie's office. Great experience for me over the past 10 years!

— Michael H.

With a mouth full of trouble, I could not have come to a better dentist than Dr. Crombie. The more difficult the issue, the more impressed I am by the quality of his work. He is a true dental craftsman. He and his dental hygienist (Joyce) have managed to keep these old chompers of mine functioning beyond my expectations for over 20 years!

— Robert H.

Got in when I wanted to, very courteous and friendly staff, text reminders, ceiling tv to watch during the cleaning, value service! Customer for 15 years, I think!

— Nadine R.

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