Dental Crowns in Naperville, IL

Don’t let dental damage and infections derail your smile.

Dr. Crombie crafts dental crowns to fit your individual needs!

When your tooth is damaged, either due to infection or fracture, you'll likely require a dental restoration to rebuild your tooth. Our office places crowns and bridges that are both exceptionally functional and attractive. We guarantee their longevity.

Whether you need a single crown to fix an individual tooth, or a larger dental prosthesis, like a dental bridge, our team is here to help you from start to finish.

The Process

Dental crowns are applied comfortably and quickly, minimizing discomfort as well as the amount of time that you have to spend in the dentist’s chair.

  • First our team assesses your tooth and preps it for treatment
  • Our dentist helps you choose the type of crown that's right for you (porcelain, gold, etc.)
  • If we choose a tooth-colored material, we next determine the right shade for your crown, so that your restoration will match your natural enamel
  • We then take an impression of the tooth
  • If necessary, we outfit your prepped tooth with a temporary crown
  • Using the impression we took as a guide, our team crafts your crown in our lab
  • Once the crown is complete, we try it on the tooth
  • We refine and further shape the restoration to ensure a perfect fit
  • Finally we bond the restoration to the natural dental structure
  • Post-treatment, you are able to jump right back into your regular routine

Patient Success Stories

Why do so many people choose Naperville dentist Dr. Crombie for crowns?

On-Site Lab

We personally craft the majority of our crowns in our in-house laboratory, which allows our team to meticulously customize the color, shape, and fit of a dental restoration. Dr. Crombie oversees each critical step in fabrication, even doing many himself, in order to guarantee long-term success.

Collaborative Care

We use incremental refining to deliver exactly what the patient desires in their cosmetic treatment. In some cases, we use customized provisional crowns to guide us on color, contour, length, and comfort before the definitive restorations are fabricated, ensuring a high-quality end result. By adhering to this system, patients get exactly what they want.

Thoughtfully Chosen Materials

Our team offers multiple types of crowns; the type of restoration that is best for you will depend on a number of factors, including severity of dental damage and desired aesthetics. For example, if we're placing a crown on one of your front teeth, we may use an all-porcelain restoration, so that it will blend with the rest of your smile. Gold crowns are often preferable for molar crowns, because gold can stand up to the pressure of chewing. Beautiful tooth-colored crowns that are fracture resistant are also available for molars as well. Feel free to download our Crowns Information Packet for more info about restorative materials.

Dental Crowns Before & Afters

What Our Patients Are Saying

My trust in Dr. Crombie and his staff is reinforced upon every visit as they confirm each time that their care is focused on me as an individual.

— Anthony P.

Got in when I wanted to, very courteous and friendly staff, text reminders, ceiling tv to watch during the cleaning, value service! Customer for 15 years, I think!

— Nadine R.

Dr. Crombie is absolutely a perfectionist! I had years of trouble with my veneers before he fixed me up with beautiful crowns; since then, zero issues! My wife had migraines and Dr. Crombie diagnosed her as grinding her teeth while she slept, so a simple mouth-guard at night helped fix these issues. The staff there is professional, the hygienist Joyce is fantastic, and the fees are fair priced for the high-quality service and products you receive. I highly recommend Dr. Crombie's office. Great experience for me over the past 10 years!

— Michael H.

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